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Name: GILKISON, Thomas Train

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Photo Source: in chair, Matthew McIlvenna

Birth Date: 14.5.1868 Campbeltown, Scotland

Death Date: 11.8.1931 Edinburgh

Nationality: British

First Date: 1890

Profession: IBEA Co. Superintendent of Shipping and Customs in 1895, then Administrative and Judicial Officer to the Uganda Railway, Sub-Commissioner and Vice Consul, Ukamba Province 1900, Magistrate and Asst. Judge, Nairobi

Area: Ukamba, Nairobi, Mombasa, Naivasha, Machakos, Rumuruti, Laikipia. Red 25 - Left Provincial Administration 1910

Married: In Edinburgh 18 Jan 1912 Jane Stirling Graham b. 10 July 1876 Rawden, Yorkshire, d. 22 July 1940 Edinburgh

Book Reference: Gillett, Leys, Ainsworth, Permanent Way, Fitzgerald, Tignor, Tucker, Matson, EAHB 1905, Red 25, EAS, Hut, North, Playne, EA Diary 1903, Drumkey, Thurston, IBEA, Advertiser, EAHB 1906, EA Diary 1902, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, Chandler

General Information:

He then became Collector in Mombasa 1902, Sub-Commissioner, Tanaland 1903, Provincial Magistrate, Naivasha 1904, and attended the first meeting of the Nairobi Municipal Council in July 1900.  
Leys - Officer in charge at Fort Smith in 1895 at the time of the Kedong massacre - see Dick, Andrew.  
Ainsworth - confirms Leys. - he, with another white man left with 125 rifles to try to recover Dick's  body. Their first search was unsuccessful though later the remains were  found.  
Permanent Way - shows him as the Government Collector in charge of Fort Smith.   
Fitzgerald - Meteorological observations at Fort Smith in 1895   
Tignor - 1905 - DO Rumuruti   
Matson - sent to Mumias in Sept. 1894 to reassert the Company's taxation and trading rights in Kavirondo. Was rebuffed by Spire. After Gilkison's discomfited return to Fort Smith in November and Muxworthy's death from blackwater in Kabras in the same month, no traders were reported in E. Uganda until the arrival of Peter West at Mumias on 20 March 1895.  
EAHB 1905 - Collector, Laikipia.
IBEA Co. General Africa Staff - appointed 1890. District Superintendent, Superintendent of Shipping and Customs, EAP, July 1895; Collector, Administrative and Judicial Officer to Uganda Railway; Chief Registrar of Porters; Coast Agent to the Uganda Administration; Acting Sub-Commissioner and Vice-Consul, Ukamba Province, April 25th to Nov. 3rd 1900; Provincial Magistrate and Assistant Judge, Nairobi; Acting Sub-Commissioner, Seyidie Province, Mar. 24th to Nov. 30th 1902; Collector, Mombasa, Nov 30th 1902 to May 7th 1903; Acting Sub-Commissioner, Tanaland, May 22nd to Nov. 27th 1903; Collector, Naivasha, Nov. 28th 1903 and Provincial Magistrate, Naivasha, Jan 28th 1904.
The African Standard - 26-2-1903 - Invited to the wedding of H.R. Phelips & Miss Jacquette Edith Lambe in Mombasa
North - in charge of Wanga Dist. 27/11/1892; Acting Co. Agent at Wasin before Aug 1893; Appt. Collector of Customs & Supt. of Shipping Mombasa Aug 1893; Appt. to represent "Zanzibar Gazette" in IBEA; Chief of Company Banking Dept., Mombasa; sent to Kavirondo with secret instructions to set up customs post for Company, July 1894; arr. Mumias in Kavirondo 21/9/1894, set up trading post; Told to move out by F. Spire on the instructions of Col. H.E. Colvile, Aug 1894; dep. Mumia's 25/10/1894 arr. Kikuyu 12/11/1894; Machakos working with John Ainsworth Jan 1895; Appt. direct to EAP 1/7/1895; Officer i/c Fort Smith July to Dec 1895; Supt. Ravine Dec 1895; Appt. Director of Transport, UP, Coast Nov 1896, based at Mombasa; Mombasa Aug 1898; Asst. to Ainsworth at Machakos early 1899; Collector Nairobi Dec 1899; Took over from Ainsworth as DC Ukamba 16/4/1900; Appt. Asst. Judge EAP, 13/5/1901; to be Acting Sub-Comm Seyyidiea Province 1/4/1902; Acting Sub.-Comm. Lamu 14/8/1903 - "drunken old scoundrel .... a sweet old thing, but quite useless" (H.H. Horne, RH)
Playne - 17 years after he entered the service of the IBEA Co. (1890), Mr Gilkison became PC of the Tanaland Province. His first appointment in the EAP service was as Superintendent of Shipping and Customs (July 1895). The posts he has filled since make a long list: Collector, Administrative and Judicial Officer to Uganda Railway; Chief Registrar of Porters; Coast Agent to the Uganda Administration; Acting Sub-Commissioner and Vice-Consul Ukamba Province (April to November 1900); Provincial Magistrate and Asst. Judge, Nairobi; Acting Sub-Commissioner Seyidie Province (March to November 1902); Collector Mombasa (November 1902 to May 1903); Acting Sub-Commissioner Tanaland (May to November 1903); Collector Naivasha (November 1903) and Provincial Magistrate Naivasha (Jan. to May 1904); Acting Land Officer (May to Oct. 1904); Collector, Masai Reserves (Nov. 1904); Acting Sub-Commissioner Mombasa (June 1906); Acting PC Seyidie and Acting Registrar-General Mohammedan Marriages and Divorces (May & Aug. 1907, respectively)
Thurston - FO 881, 7489 - 1901 - Appointment of Mr T.T. Gilkison as assistant judge, with powers of 1st class magistrate: proclamation
IBEA Co. - Nominal List of British Born Subjects resident in IBEA Territories within the Sultans Domain, 30 April 1891 - J.J. Gilkison, England, In charge Wanga Dist.
Advertiser - 25/9/1908 - PC at Lamu Mr Gilkison relieved by Mr MacClean of Malindi
IBEA - General Africa Staff - Appointed 12th June 1890
North - "Mu Kungua" (stooped like an old man); 'inclined to indulge to excess in alcoholic drinks' (Boedeker, CO 533)
EA Diary 1902 - Listed as  District Officer
EA Diary 1903 - Imperial British East Africa Company, District Superintendent, Superintendent of Shipping, and Superintendent of Customs; appointed to EA Protectorate July 1895; Collector; Administrative and Judicial Officer to Uganda Railway; Superintendent of Transport; Chief Registrar of Porters; Coast Agent to the Uganda Administration; Acting Sub-Commissioner and Vice-Consul Ukamba Province; Provincial Magistrate and Assistant Judge Nairobi; Acting Sub-Commissioner Seyidie Province
EAHB 1907 - Collector - Nairobi

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