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Birth Date: ?1858

First Date: 1922

Profession: Friend of Cherry Kearton

Area: Taveta, Voi

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Hut, Red 22, Ada, Old Africa

General Information:

Kept two leopards in a wire chicken run and played with them. Kept a rag which smelt of eucalyptus and said leopards never attacked a man smelling of eucalyptus. Two weeks later he was attacked and badly mauled.
Red 22 - J. De la Mothe, Taveta, Tanganyika
Red 25 has T. La Mothe, Hut the same
Old Africa 7 - Jennifer Stutchbury - An early settler named Delamot kept two leopards, Darby and Joan, as pets on his farm near Kilimanjaro. Delamot was very fond of his leopards. They were tame and affectionate. Whenever he went near them, he took the precaution of waving a cloth in their faces, lavishly soaked with eucalyptus. He believed this deterrent would keep him safe. But one day one of the leopards presumably could not stand the smell of eucalyptus any longer. It attacked and mauled Delamot. Delamot had a friend staying at his house who rescued him by shooting the leopard dead and kept the other at bay. Delamot survived.
Gazette 1 Jan 1905 Count Guy De la Motte St Pierre 1906 Sportsman's licence
Gazette 26 July 1968 probate for Kathleen La Mothe Rend [Rendall], d. Dorchester 17 Feb 1967
Is this Jacques Regnault de la Mothe (19 May 1878-14 Dec 1963)? - details in Geanet

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