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Name: DOERING, Frederick Emanuel (Dr.)

Nee: bro of George Doering

Birth Date: 28 May 1855 Baden, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Death Date: 14 Sep 1943 Grouville, Jersey

First Date: 1912

Profession: Farmer. Dentist in S. Africa

Area: 'Waterloo', Naivasha, 1937 Kipkarren Estate Turbo

Married: No

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Hut, Red 22, Land

General Information:

Over my Shoulder - ...'the huge farm Waterloo situated above Naivasha. This property was later bought by Sir John Ramsden and renamed Marula. Dr Doering originally acquired most of his land from the Government, on condition that he gave an undertaking to put 10,000 grade sheep on the place within a given period of time. The first consignment of Merinos was sent to him from the Orange Free State in S.A. but the losses were staggering and a further consignment from Wanganella in Australia fared no better.       
Sorrenson - In April 1905 a South African dentist, Dr. Doering, was granted a lease of 25,000 acres in the Rift Valley, on promising to spend £25,000 within 5 years.  
Land - Doctor F.E. Doering leased 25,000 acres at Gilgil
Land - 1906 - F.E. Doering - Grazing, 25,000 acres, Gilgil and Naivasha, 6-9-04, Registered 21-8-06
Land - 1907 - F.E. Doering - Building, 5 acres, Ngong Road, 14-8-04, Registered 12-7-07
Hut also has him at Waterloo Estate, Kitale in 1937, Hut also has Dr F.E. Doering 1937 Senetwa Estate Songhor
Gazette 9 July 1946 probate
Norden - 1923 - Gilgil to stay with a friend, a bachelor, Dr. [Doering] - born in Ontario, nearing 70, had been a dentist in Johannesburg - on his great sheep farm - Waterloo Farm - mile 399.4 from Mombasa. ....... Dr's brother, summoned by runner from his farm 25 miles away
Bovill - pioneer sheep farmer Playne - A farm of which any settler might well be proud is that held by Mr G. Doering. 25000 acres in extent, it is situated between Gilgil and Naivasha, and has 2 rivers running through it. There are 7 miles of fencing, and the railway cuts through the property. About 1200 sheep are at present being raised, and several thousand more are to be imported. Stone bomas have been built for the accommodation of the animals.
Land - Doctor F.E. Doering leased 25,000 acres at Gilgil

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