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Name: DORMER, Kenelm Everard (Capt.)

Birth Date: 22 Feb 1879 Kensington, London

Death Date: 28 May 1935 Windsor

First Date: 1920

Profession: Planter

Area: Kiambu, Red 31 - Capt. K.E. Dormer, Kiambu. Hut - Capt. K.E. Dormer 1919 Doondu Plantation Kiambu partner with Bellasis

Married: In Kensington 14 Apr 1910 Josephine Sarah Toohey b. 8 July 1889 Sydney, Australia, d. 23 May 1965 Australia

Children: John Kenelm (1 Apr 1915 Chelsea-2002); Hugh Everard Joseph (11 Mar 1919 London-1 Aug 1944 Normandy, on active service)

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Kiambu Scrapbook, Gazette, Seventy, Stud

General Information:

Red 22 - Capt. K.E. Dormer, Kiambu
Kiambu Scrapbook - By 1912, the land beyond 'Waitangi' was also being cleared and planted for coffee by Major Symes Thompson and Mr Walter Fenton (Kianjibbi) and by Captain Dorman [sic] and Mr Bill Bellasis (Doondu)
Gazette 21/4/1920 - Registration of Brands - Dormer & Bellasis - Doondu Plantation Kyambu - ED2
Gazette 28/6/1922 - Dissolution of Partnership between Richard Fauconberg Bellasis, Josephine S. Dormer and Kenelm Everard Dormer carrying on business at Kyambu as Dormer and Bellasis or The Doondu Syndicate has been dissolved by mutual consent as from 31/3/1922 so far as regards the said Richard Fauconberg Bellasis who retires from the firm.
Red 25 has Capt. K.E. Dormer, Kiambu.
Red 25 - Capt. K.E. Dormer, Doondu Plantation, Kiambu, Honorary Permit Issuer.
Red 25 - Capt. K.E. Dormer, Member of Council, The Coffee Planters' Union of Kenya & EA
EA Stud Book 1954 - Brood Mares - Thoroughbred - Breeders - Mrs K.E. Dormer. She was EAWL DVP in 1926

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