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Name: EVANS, Harold Gaspar

Birth Date: 8 Jan 1890 Ilkeston, Derbys.

Death Date: 13 Dec 1972 Surrey

First Date: 1913

Profession: DC

Area: Marakwet, 1925 - Embu, 1930 Kisumu, 1922 Rumuruti, 1914 Kisumu

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Gazette, Dominion, Leader14, Richardson, Red 19

School: St Anselm's School, Bakewell

General Information:

Red 22 - H.C. Evans, ADC, Fort Hall AND H. Gasper Evans, Chuka via Embu AND H.G. Evans, Acting RC, Rumuruti
Gazette - 19/1/16 - Harold Gasper Evans - appt. Asst. DC Nyika
? Hugh Gwilyn - KR 6910  
Dominion - District Officer - 1930
Richardson 1925 - Embu - "Here we were hospitably received by Mr H.G. Evans, DC, who put us up in the house that used to be occupied by the Doctor, though they have no doctor now. …………. We dined with Mr Evans, Mr Cole, ADC and his wife assisting as also Capt. Vernon KAR who had just come from a 6 months stay at Marsabit.
Gazette 1/6/1913 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Asst. Dist. Commissioner - 16/5/1913
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Ukamba Area - Harold Gaspar Evans - Civil Servant, Chuka via Embu
KAD 1922 - Asst. District and Resident Commissioner, Marakwet.
Red 31 has H.G. Evans, Kisumu and H.G. Evans, Thika,
Hut - H.G. 'Gasper' Evans 1922 ADC Embu Chuka,
Hut - H.G. Evans 1931 Thika
Gethin - 1914 - On arrival in Kisii, Gethin was shown into the DC's wife's, Mrs Spencer's,  bedroom as he was mistaken for the ADC, Gasper Evans whom she had asked to call as she was very bored. 'On offering to retire, they would not hear of it, the boy was called to bring drinks and we all had a most pleasant evening. Mrs Spencer recovered an hour later from her bout of malaria and suggested we should all go to Gasper Evans' house for dinner. The party ended at about 1 a.m. with myself sleeping on a sofa in Gasper's sitting room as I hadn't the faintest idea where my tent was and if I would ever find it.'  ...........  [after the action at Kisii] ... on arrival at Kisii, we found both Spencer's and Jack Dent's house had been looted, but Gasper Evans' house was completely intact and had been turned into a hospital for the German wounded. Before we evacuated Kisii, Gasper Evans had a brainwave. He got all his bottles of whisky, vermouth, gin and white wine out on his dining table in a row, and wrote a note addressed to the Officer Commanding the German Forces advancing on Kisii. "Dear Sir, I feel on your arrival in Kisii after your long march from Mwanza, you and your officers will be feeling thirsty. I am therefore leaving for your use all the liquor I have in the house and I hope it is sufficient to meet your requirements. All I ask in return is that my household and personal effects may be allowed to remain as they are until I return during the next few days from my hurried visit to Kisumu. The Germans were so taken with this note and the drink they immediately made his house into a hospital and put a guard on it.. Nothing was touched except the drinks which were all finished on our return. ........…..!  
Cranworth - a past President of the Oxford Eight ..... he had all the gifts to take him as far as any of his colleagues ........ health alone stood in his way ........ a sad day when he was forced to abandon a career ……
Nicholls - WW1 Kisii retaken - Jasper Evans's house was intact, having been used as a hospital for German wounded, six of whom were still there. Before he left he had put all his bottles of liquor on the dining table with a note saying he was sure the Germans were thirsty after their long march, so please take the liquor and leave the house as it was.
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - E.P. Evans, c/o Messrs Newland, Tarlton & Co., 166 Piccadilly, W1 - Farm 891
Gazette 15/3/1908 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Asst. Dist. Commr. - 26/2/1908
Ainsworth - 1910 - A.D.C. at Kisumu. Winner of Amateur Golf Championship of EA in 1911.
RH s.1277 (Gethin) has 'Gasper' Evans as DC at Kisii in 1914 
1939 England and Wales Register living in Guildford with Elizabeth M. Evans b. 2 May 1882 (?sister)
[He was Christened Gaspar - ir was not a nickname]

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