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Name: ASHE, Robert Pickering (Rev.)

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Birth Date: 29 Nov 1857 Witton, Blackburn

Death Date: 25 May 1944 Croydon

First Date: 1882

Last Date: 1894

Profession: Left St. John's College Cambridge in response to an appeal by Alexander Mackay for recruits for the new mission field in Uganda. He was Mackay's chief helper in translating the Gospels and Prayer Book into Luganda

Area: Uganda, Buddu

Married: 1. In Portishead 15 Mar 1894 Emma Lena Edith Jackson b. 23 Oct 1867 Somerset, d. 23 Oct 1897 Portishead; 2. In Smyrna, Turkey 4 Apr 1899 Edith Blackler b. 6 Mar 1870 Smyrna, Turkey, d. 12 Mar 1963 Croydon

Children: Robert Henry Nicholas (1895 Portishead-1966); Oliver George Blackler (23 Apr 1900-1963); Mary Edith Annie Blackler (17 Apr 1902 Smyrna-1984); William John Arthur Blackler (7 July 1903 Smyrna-1989); Ellen Irene Isabel (22 Aug 1905 Smyrna-1992); Francis Patrick Bellesme (15 Jan 1915 Smyrna-2009)

Author: 'Chronicles of Uganda' 1894, 'Two KIngs of Uganda' 1889

Book Reference: Gillett, Tucker, North, CMS

School: St. John's College, Cambridge

General Information:

In 1888 following a serious & persisting illness, he was sent back to England, but in 1890, on hearing of the death of Mackay, he returned to Uganda and found the country in the throes of religious war. It was a very difficult time for the Mission of which he was secretary.
Tucker - 1886 - August - Ashe permitted to leave Uganda - returned in 1886. ....... by 1894 he had resigned
North - First came to EA with CMS in 1882. Resigned from CMS in 1888 and then joined again in 1890; resigned again in 1894 CMS 1882 - Age 24. b. at Blackburn. Rossall Sch. and St. John's College Cambridge; BA 1879; MA 1887. 1880 Deacon and 1881 Priest by the Bishop of Liverpool. 1880-82 Curate of St. Michael's Liverpool. 1882, May 17  to E. Eq. Africa Mission; Uganda; 1886 Nov 25 to England; 1887, Aug 5 to E. Eq. Africa; 1888, Dec 5 to England; 1889 Curate of St. James' Clerkenwell; 1891 Curate of Wareham, Dorset. 1890, Dec 2 Joined again and May 17, 1891 to E. Eq. Africa. 1893, July 5 to England; 1894 connexion closed.
Camb Univ Alumni Admitted pens. at St John's Coll., Cambridge, 12 Oct 1876. S. of George Alexander Hamilton, clerk. B. Nov. 29, 1857, at Witton, Lancs. School, Rossall. Matric. Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880; M.A. 1887. Ord. deacon, 1880; priest (Liverpool) 1881; C. of St Michael's, Liverpool, 1880-2. C.M.S. Missionary in Uganda, 1882-8 and 1891-3. C. of Wareham, 1889-91. C. of Portishead, 1897-8. Chaplain at Boudjah, Turkey-in-Asia, 1898-1922 and 1924-5. Chaplain at Cartagena, 1922-4; retired. Of 65, Birdhurstrise, South Croydon, Surrey. Author, Two Kings of Uganda; Chronicles of Uganda. Brother of Henry (1864). (Rossall Sch. Reg.; Crockford, 1938.)

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