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Name: KENNY, Dorothy M., Miss

Birth Date: 1885

First Date: 1922

Profession: Nurse, Medical Dept.

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: KAD, Carman, Dominion

General Information:

Carman - A battalion of the KAR was always stationed in Nairobi and their barracks and headquarters adjoined the hospital compound. This had one disadvantage because when the regimental band was practising it was almost impossible properly to examine a patient's chest. One ward, the only one built in permanent materials, was reserved for KAR patients and this was under the personal supervision of the Matron, a redoubtable lady named Miss Kenny.
All the beds were furnished with red blankets and they were so neatly arranged that they formed a straight line from one end of the ward to the other whenever Miss Kenny made her daily inspection. Every morning at 11 o'clock Miss Kenny presided over the ceremony of morning tea and all members of the European staff were expected to be present; not even the SMO would have ventured to absent himself.
Miss Kenny was a force to be reckoned with; she was an intimate friend of Mrs Gilks and any young MO who incurred the Matron's displeasure was liable to find himself on transfer at short notice to one of the less desirable up-country stations.
Dominion - Medical Department - Nursing Sister - 1930
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - Nairobi South - D M Kenny, Nursing Sister, Native Hospital, Nbi

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