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Alphabetical List

Name Birth Date Death Date Area Actions
NAESTED, Christian August21 May 186517 June 1920 - MombasaNakuruView more details
NAGLER, L.EAHB 1906 Karura RiverView more details
NAGLER, N.KaruraView more details
NAIN, Thomas James188112.4.1937 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NAIRN, George Aveling26.11.1866View more details
NAIRN, Percy James'High View', LimuruView more details
NAIRN, T. JamesNairobiView more details
NAIRNS, J.LimuruView more details
NANTY, A. B.28 Oct 1939 at Mahe, SeychellesNairobiView more details
NAPER, Merrik Oliver Lenox (Pilot Officer)13 Feb 19132 Apr 1943 killed in actionView more details
NAPIER, A. T. R.KitaleView more details
NAPIER, Alastair John George Malcolm9 June 190929 Feb 1984 Wetheral, CumberlandNairobiView more details
NAPIER, B. H.1913TanganyikaView more details
NAPIER, Edward Herbert Scott, 4th Baron, Lord16 Dec 186120 July 1948 NairobiBox 529, Nairobi, 1930 Kilimani, NairobiView more details
NAPIER, Ermine Maude, Lady25 Jan 190721 Feb 1995Box 529, NairobiView more details
NAPIER, Florence Martha, Lady1 Dec 1946 NairobiNairobi, 'Ibonia' KiambuView more details
NAPIER, G. H. S.Box 529, NairobiView more details
NAPIER, James LanemuirMombasaView more details
NAPIER, Margaret, MrsKitaleView more details
NAPIER, Marion Kathleen, Hon. See ARMSTRONG, MarionView more details
NAPIER, Norman D.1896 - Ndi - suicideView more details
NAPIER, R.View more details
NAPIER, R.MombasaView more details
NAPIER, R. A.KerichoView more details
NARRAWAY, Ann Frances, Miss16.4.1936 - GuildfordNakuru, NjoroView more details
NARRAWAY, Frank Hamilton Rock Whitlock1902 Germany1 May 1965 - MombasaKitale, Mombasa, Njoro, 1936 Dalgety NakuruView more details
NARRAWAY, Jessie Christine 'Ginger', Mrs9.5.1907 - Scotsburn, Ross & Cromarty2001Nairobi, NjoroView more details
NASH, Albert Victor (Capt.)P.O. KitaleView more details
NASH, H. G.Nairobi, 1925 MombasaView more details
NASH, P.Box 9, KisumuView more details
NASH, PeggyMolo, LimuruView more details
NASH, Vincent 'Bill'26.2.190219.12.1952 - MoloChania Bridge, Hoey's Bridge 1938View more details
NATH, P.View more details
NATHAN, Samuel185214.7.1915 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NATHANIEL, Edward187129.4.1900View more details
NATTLE, Guy Herbert Fitz1 Jan 1966 Pietermaritzburg1937 Cherubai EndebessView more details
NATTRASS, R. M.1895KabeteView more details
NATTRASS, William 'Bill'c.1862View more details
NAUDE, Peter J.NairobiView more details
NAUDT, F.MombasaView more details
NAUGHTON, F.NairobiView more details
NAUGHTON, MartinNairobiView more details
NAVICHE, J.NairobiView more details
NAYERS, J.KismayuView more details
NAYLOR, George HerbertView more details
NAYLOR, N. V.KisumuView more details
NAYLOR, R.Chania BridgeView more details
NAZARETH, A.View more details
NAZARETH, Amelia Deodita16 Dec 1927NairobiView more details
NAZARETH, Carolina24 Apr 192128 Feb 1934NairobiView more details
NAZARETH, David FrancisView more details
NAZARETH, HigginsView more details
NAZARETH, Joachim Antonio1867 Moira, Goa7.3.1930 - NairobiView more details
NAZARETH, John Maximian1908 - Nairobi24.4.1989 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NAZARETH, Raphael AugustMoira, GoaNairobiView more details
NAZARETH, T. A.NairobiView more details
NAZER, John Henry1917 - London1969 - KilifiView more details
NEALE, L. C.KiambuView more details
NEALE, R. S.NairobiView more details
NEALON, Lawrence WilliamMombasa. Secretary of Mombasa Chamber of CommerceView more details
NEAVE, Charles Alexander MRCVS, OBE (Lieut.-Col.)29 July 18697 June 1942 - MachakosMarsabit, Kima, 1925 Chania Bridge, 1930 Kima Estates, Kima, 1912 MarsabitView more details
NEAVE, E. I., MissNairobiView more details
NEAVE, Harold Digby189712 Nov 1928 - EldoretEldoretView more details
NEAVE, Klara Elizabeth18721929 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NEAVE, Robert187125 Sep 1949 - NairobiNairobi, 1925 Timboroa, Uasin Gishu Railway, Londiani, Red 31 - R.I. Neave, Gailey & Roberts, Nbi.View more details
NEAVE, Robert Inkster9 Oct 1970 LondonNairobiView more details
NEAVE, Thomas Lewis Hughes Bart., Sir26 June 187412 May 1940NyeriView more details
NEEDLER, Joseph SamuelNairobi, KisumuView more details
NEENAN, G.MombasaView more details
NEFDT, Harry Mathias1899Nairobi, 1930 KiambuView more details
NEFDT, W. W.Box 141, NairobiView more details
NEIFFLER, G. N.NairobiView more details
NEIL, F.NairobiView more details
NEIL, WilliamNairobi, EldoretView more details
NEILAN, Charles Edward Euphrates1876 East Indies8.8.1950 ReadingKisumuView more details
NEILAN, Nicholas B.c.1865NairobiView more details
NEILL, James HoodKakamegaView more details
NEILSON, Andrew18737.3.1935 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NEILSON, J.MoloView more details
NEILSON, L. F.10 May 1922 - MombasaMombasaView more details
NEILSON, SamuelRumuruti, 1925 Suguroi, 1922 Solai, Thomson's FallsView more details
NEILSON, ThomasMombasaView more details
NEISH, W.GobwenView more details
NEL, AndriesPlateauView more details
NEL, C. J.Farm 144, Uasin Gishu, EldoretView more details
NEL, Daniel Jacobus Johannes6 Apr 1912 EldoretRumurutiView more details
NEL, Dolly17 Feb 189920 July 1936KitaleView more details
NEL, F. J.EldoretView more details
NEL, I. H.SubukiaView more details
NEL, J.KipkabusView more details
NEL, Jan J. (Junior)SoyView more details
NEL, Jan J. (Senior)SoyView more details
NEL, Johannes Petrus 'Jan'?16 Dec 1950Plateau, EldoretView more details
NEL, Johannes Petrus 'Hans'?16 Dec 1950Eldoret, 1930 KipkabusView more details
NEL, Louis Jacobus (Junior)1 Feb 1964 JohannesburgP.O. Kitale, Hut 1925 Farm 140 AView more details
NEL, Luis Jacobus (Senior)28 Jan 1936 Uasin Gishu1919 Farm 19 Trans Nzoia, P.O. Kitale, 1925 EldoretView more details
NEL, M. S.NjoroView more details
NEL, P.GilgilView more details
NEL, P. K.LondianiView more details
NEL, P. Q.MoloView more details
NEL, Peter HendrickLondiani, Hut 1956 KipipiriView more details
NEL, W.EldoretView more details
NEL, William AlexanderView more details
NELIGAN, Charles Walter1879 Tavistock14.8.1909 - EnglandMombasa in 1905, Fort Hall, Embu, EAHB 1906 NyeriView more details
NELL, Dorothy (Mrs) See BARRANCE, DorothyNakuruView more details
NELL, JamesKipkabusView more details
NELL, T.Eldama RavineView more details
NELSON, Charles DSO (Major)1878 LondonKoru Farm KoruView more details
NELSON, Ernest Wright5.1.1887 Cape Province, S Africa24.10.1919 KwaleNairobiView more details
NELSON, Helen, MrsRiverside DriveView more details
NELSON, James Stevenson MBE19005 July 1957 - Stirling, ScotlandNairobi, 1930 Agric. Dept., Nbi.View more details
NELSON, John Waddell (Capt.)28.12.187825.12.1935View more details
NELSON, Nicol1929 - ScotlandNairobi, Nakuru, MombasaView more details
NELSON, R. B. 'Ron'1995 - aged 92Lamuria, Murera Nyangi Naro MoruView more details
NELSON, Robert Henry (Capt.)185226.12.1892 - Kikuyu - dysentery - buried at Fort Smith. 1892 - dysenteryFort SmithView more details
NELSON, Robert Lennox1940 - NairobiNairobi, Mombasa, VoiView more details
NELSON, W. H.KoruView more details
NEPKEN, Johan Dobi187022 Apr 1966P.O. Kajiado, 1925 Box 91, Nairobi, 1937 Chui Estate RuiruView more details
NESBIT, P. H.NairobiView more details
NESBITT1901 - in train collisionView more details
NESBITT, Alexander189119.6.1956 - NairobiChania Bridge, 1925 Makuyu, RuarakaView more details
NESBITT, E.NjoroView more details
NESBITT, G.NjoroView more details
NESBITT, H. A.NaivashaView more details
NESBITT, Percy George1882 - Blandford, Dorset1971 - AustraliaKenya, Tanganyika. Left Kenya in 1965 to join daughter in Australia, 1930 KitaleView more details
NESBITT, W. E., MrsDorset Dene, KitaleView more details
NESFIELD, W.View more details
NESS, Patrick Powell19.4.1914NairobiView more details
NESTOR, Thomas Ray L'Estrange29 Oct 1889 - Naini Tal, India1989 - aged 100Turbo. Nairobi, 1930 Land Dept., NairobiView more details
NETLEY, N.EldoretView more details
NETTLEFOLD, Frederick18 Oct 192730 Nov 2003 - Marondera, HarareJuja House RuiruView more details
NETTLEFOLD, Frederick John16 Oct 1867 Hastings25 Nov 1949 Nutley, SussexView more details
NEUBAUER, R.MombasaView more details
NEUMANN, Arthur Henry12.6.1850 - Bedfordshire29.5.1907 - England - suicideAll over - nearly killed twice by a lioness, 3 times by elephant and once by a rhinoView more details
NEUMANN, Charles William 'Bill' (Lieut.-Col.)31 Jan 1974 Howick, NatalUpat Farm, Mau SummitView more details
NEVILL, Gerald Edward (Dr.)22 Dec 1915 - Nurney, County Carlow23 Jan 2003 - LimuruNairobiView more details
NEVILL, W. E.NairobiView more details
NEVILLE, BertramKericho, 1930 RongaiView more details
NEVILLE, G. M.RongaiView more details
NEVILLE, Marguerite Stewart, MissView more details
NEVILLE, Ralph Dudley (Lieut.)NairobiView more details
NEVIN, Michael Henry (Rev. Father)KakamegaView more details
NEVINSON, W. (Commander RNR)View more details
NEW, Charles184014 Feb 1875 - buried at RibeWorked mostly at Ribe, Taveta and UsambaraView more details
NEW, Egbert G.19.1.1916 - Manga - killed in actionGilgilView more details
NEWALL, SydneyNairobiView more details
NEWBANER, H.MombasaView more details
NEWBERRY, Florence Alma (Dr.)3 Dec 1879 Louisville, Nebraska31 March 1942 at Bellevue station, Ouham, French Equatorial AfricaKijabe 1908-13View more details
NEWBIGGING, Eric Robert (Capt.)5 Aug 1978 Cape Province, S AfricaDalhouzie Estate, LimuruView more details
NEWBIGGING, Evelyn Anne, MrsNairobiView more details
NEWBOLD, N., MissNakuruView more details
NEWBOLD, Philip13.7.1916 on active service, FranceRuiruView more details
NEWBOLD, Walter Jamesc.1872KilindiniView more details
NEWBURN, GuyMombasaView more details
NEWBURY (Dr.)KijabeView more details
NEWBURY, George Fennell1894MombasaView more details
NEWBY, C.EAHB 1906 NairobiView more details
NEWBY, L.Sabatia, Eldama RavineView more details
NEWBY, Leslie MontagueKisumuView more details
NEWBY, M. H.MombasaView more details
NEWDIGATE, Henry Edward Arthur6 July 1897 Knysna, Western Cape1 May 1970 Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape1922 Farm 26 Hoey's Bridge, 1925 KitaleView more details
NEWDIGATE, J. W.SoyView more details
NEWELL, D. A.ElmenteitaView more details
NEWELL, David Evan1916NairobiView more details
NEWELL, Ethelbert Monk DSO (Lieut.-Col.)187927 June 1964Mombasa, 1922 - Farm 40, Uasin Gishu, 1925 EldoretView more details
NEWFORT, G.NairobiView more details
NEWHAM, C.NakuruView more details
NEWHOOK, Paul Stuart Alan1900Mombasa, 1930 NairobiView more details
NEWITT, A. M.MombasaView more details
NEWITT, Alan Norman (Capt.)1883Mombasa, LamuView more details
NEWITT, Edward JamesFaza, LamuView more details
NEWITT, J. N.Faza, LamuView more details
NEWLAND, Arthur Edward (Capt.)26.5.1879KampalaView more details
NEWLAND, Victor Marra OBE, MC, DCM18.8.1876 - Marra Station, Wilcannia, New South Wales12.1.1953 - Adelaide, AustraliaNairobiView more details
NEWMAN (Mrs)July 1914NairobiView more details
NEWMAN, A. H.View more details
NEWMAN, Benjamin18594.5.1944 - NairobiHBEA 1912 - Malindi, 1925 Box 14, NairobiView more details
NEWMAN, Bernard C.KabeteView more details
NEWMAN, C. E.185618.4.1926 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NEWMAN, Charles Cambridge1882 Bristol17 Oct 1906 Mombasa, cut throatVoi, MachakosView more details
NEWMAN, Frederick Harry Charles23.8.188219.6.1928 Barberton, S AfricaView more details
NEWMAN, G., MrsNairobiView more details
NEWMAN, Hattie Alvina, Miss24 Jan 1936 KijabeMachakosView more details
NEWMAN, Marjorie, MrsResident of Nairobi for many yearsView more details
NEWMAN, William John1908 - Brentwood, England6.4.1935 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NEWMARK, Brian Louis18 Apr 1921 Nairobi4 Apr 1942 on active service, suicideView more details
NEWMARK, David18751 Apr 1945 NairobiCambrian Buildings, Nairobi, 1930 Box 166, NairobiView more details
NEWSOME, James Norrie23.8.1965NairobiView more details
NEWSOME, James Towers1.4.1965NairobiView more details
NEWTON, Archibald187825 Dec 1940Box 544, NairobiView more details
NEWTON, Bryan MostynLumbwa, MoibenView more details
NEWTON, Charles Frederick MostynNyeriView more details
NEWTON, Ellen Elizabeth18818 Apr 1954NairobiView more details
NEWTON, G.NairobiView more details
NEWTON, Hilda Margaret, MissEldoretView more details
NEWTON, James Whittet 'Jimmy'1889 - Broughty Ferry, Scotland1 Oct 1969 EldoretMurogosi Estate, Turbo, Eldoret, 1914 LondianiView more details
NEWTON, Maurice Francis Stanley191217 Nov 1973 DurbanNairobiView more details
NEWTON, Norah Constance, Mrs1905 - Crowhurst, SussexMolo, Hoey's BridgeView more details
NEWTON, Reginald Buckley188610.4.1905 - Morendat River - drowned aged 24NairobiView more details
NEWTON-WILSON, George Henry18585.9.1930 - NairobiNewton, Karen, KiambuView more details
NEWTON-WILSON, J. H.NairobiView more details
NEWTON-WILSON, W.Lower Kabete, near NairobiView more details
NEY, E. G. C., MrsMbogo Estate, Sabukia, SolaiView more details
NEY, Percy Ottawa Bain 'Pony'Odwa Estate, Chemelil, Solai, LumbwaView more details
NEY, R. O.Subukia, Mbogo Takapuna Ndiloi SabukiaView more details
NEYLAN, Denis Nolan2.5.1890 - King William's Town, East London.14.11.1980 - PezuluNakuru, 1922 Rumuruti, 1925 SolaiView more details
NEYLAN, Dorothy Nolan, MrsNakuruView more details
NEYLAN, John NolanCo Clare, Ireland22 Sep 1936 - MombasaMombasaView more details
NEYLAN, Noel I. N., MissNairobiView more details
NEYLAN, Richard Nolan1896 - Benoni, Transvaal1981Box 179, NairobiView more details
NEYLAN, V. M.NakuruView more details
NIBLETT, W. GeorgeMombasaView more details
NIBLOCK-STUART, John Algernon1912NairobiView more details
NIBLOCK-STUART, John Herbert25.2.1884, Yester, Haddingtonshire, Scotland7.8.1953 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NICHOL, D.Sorora Hill Estate, TurboView more details
NICHOLAS, C.MT, MeruView more details
NICHOLAS, ChristopherIsioloView more details
NICHOLAS, E. R.Kirawa Estate Nairobi, 1925 EldoretView more details
NICHOLAS, E. W.NairobiView more details
NICHOLAS, Ernest27.6.1941Box 93, Nairobi, 1925 City House, NairobiView more details
NICHOLAS, G.SolaiView more details
NICHOLAS, G. B. DFC (Wing Commander)1943 - flying accident on active service, North AfricaBelvedere Dairy KikuyuView more details
NICHOLAS, Gerald Basil1901Mombasa, 1930 Box 537, Nairobi, 1922 KibweziView more details
NICHOLAS, H.ThikaView more details
NICHOLAS, H. T.Nakuru, 1914 Fort HallView more details
NICHOLAS, J.MombasaView more details
NICHOLAS, John ThomasView more details
NICHOLAS, L. C.Bahati, NakuruView more details
NICHOLAS, Laetitia J., MrsKikuyu, retired to the coastView more details
NICHOLAS, LlewellynView more details
NICHOLAS, Peter Gerald8 July 1927 NairobiJuly 1902KikuyuView more details
NICHOLAS, Ruth Eleanora ValerieView more details
NICHOLAS, T.View more details
NICHOLAS, W. T.RumurutiView more details
NICHOLL, Agnes St. Clair, MissView more details
NICHOLL, Edwin McKillop (Capt.)1888Greenhill, Cherangani, Buckhurst Farm, KitaleView more details
NICHOLLS, E. H. J. (Lieut.-Col.)Glen Leedle, NaivashaView more details
NICHOLLS, E. W.NairobiView more details
NICHOLLS, Lucius (Dr.)View more details
NICHOLS, A. M., MissView more details
NICHOLS, Bernard Parsons1871 - Wellingborough, NorthantsView more details
NICHOLSON, Agnes Winifred187713 Oct 1937Nakuru, SolaiView more details
NICHOLSON, Bertram William Lothian CBE, DSO (Capt. RN Retd.)3 June 1879 St Saviour, Jersey24 Oct 1958 - Okewood, CornwallNairobiView more details
NICHOLSON, Brian20 June 1930 Eldoret2009 AustraliaTanganyikaView more details
NICHOLSON, C. W.MombasaView more details
NICHOLSON, Charles Percy19 Feb 1964 NakuruNanyuki, Whiterocks, SubukiaView more details
NICHOLSON, David D'Arey1928 - Holbrook, England2008 - DorsetKitale, Sotik, Eldoret, CoastView more details
NICHOLSON, George Elliot Lambton190523 Feb 1985 Watamu1947 Pembeni Hoey's Bridge Trans NzoiaView more details
NICHOLSON, Isabel McKenzie, MissMombasaView more details
NICHOLSON, J.LondianiView more details
NICHOLSON, J. P.Box 79, NairobiView more details
NICHOLSON, J. S. (Major)Whiterocks, SolaiView more details
NICHOLSON, John18 Aug 1923 - England - PneumoniaMombasa, NaivashaView more details
NICHOLSON, John Wilfred24 Apr 1949 Somerset Wset, S AfricaBox 337, NairobiView more details
NICHOLSON, Margaret, Mrs1932 - Nairobi [CN thinks this is too early]Nairobi, Kitale, Sotik, Eldoret, KwaleView more details
NICHOLSON, Ralph Lambton1942 - Kitale?2018Hoey's Bridge, KitaleView more details
NICHOLSON, RamsayTumu-Tumu, NyeriView more details
NICHOLSON, Randolph (Major)18914 Aug 1928 - MombasaBox 96, Nairobi, MombasaView more details
NICHOLSON, Thomas Landell28 May 1987 - KilifiLake Solai, 1929 White Rocks SabukiaView more details
NICHOLSON, W. A.Box 406, NairobiView more details
NICHOLSON, William Hubert1897 - Scotland1958 - IrelandKilima, Hoey's BridgeView more details
NICKISSON, John Percy1863 Newport, Shropshire28.6.1896 - Nassa - Blackwater feverNassaView more details
NICKOL, David Arthur11 Feb 1920 Wanstead26 Nov 2018MbeyaView more details
NICKOLAS, John ThomasView more details
NICOL, A. F.MakuyuView more details
NICOL, Amy Constance, Mrs24 Dec 1912 - MombasaMombasaView more details
NICOL, David189616 June 1976 KitaleThika 1939, 1930 Nairobi, EldoretView more details
NICOL, Laura, MrsView more details
NICOL, Phyllis Catherine, Mrs14 Aug 1907 - LondonKilindini, Zanzibar, LushotoView more details
NICOL, WilliamView more details
NICOL, William George Drummond Hay20 June 1899 Clifton, BristolAug 1969 Ramsgate, S. AfricaKilindini, Zanzibar, LushotoView more details
NICOL, William James White1864 India1941 - Lanarkshire, ScotlandZanzibar, MombasaView more details
NICOL, William Millar14 Feb 1897 Kirkcaldy, FifeshireNakuruView more details
NICOLASMeruView more details
NICOLAS, E. R.EldoretView more details
NICOLES, E.NyeriView more details
NICOLL, Andrew Ferguson11 Nov 1979 Sinoia, Zimbabwe1937 Kiboko Holes Makuyu, VipingoView more details
NICOLL, W. N.EldoretView more details
NICOLLS, W.NaivashaView more details
NICOLLS, W., MrsKilimatita, Sabukia, SolaiView more details
NICOLSON, Alexander (Capt.)17 June 1947 at seaNairobiView more details
NICOLSON, Ewen189914 Feb 1953 NairobiMombasaView more details
NICOLSON, James Isaac1 Dec 1987Mumias, Nanyuki; Canyon Farm, LaikipiaView more details
NICOLSON, William Hurst (Capt.)19.9.1870 Linlithgow, Scotland21.1.1816 Mesopotamia, on active service, buried at AmaraEntebbeView more details
NIEBERG, J. T.Box 340, NairobiView more details
NIEBURG, HenryNairobiView more details
NIELD, Joseph Herbert1905NairobiView more details
NIELSEN, U. R. D.1917TanganyikaView more details
NIGHTINGALE, Edward Humphrey 'Ted' CMG19 Aug 1904 - Escot, Devon14 June 1996 - CheltenhamNunjoro Farm Naivasha, KinangopView more details
NIGHTINGALE, Ernest Ivo DFM191612.02.1942View more details
NIGHTINGALE, G. L.Box 697, NairobiView more details
NIGHTINGALE, George RobertKilannon Est., Kiambu, 1925 MiwaniView more details
NIGHTINGALE, Hugh Cecil MC*22 Aug 1891?22.8.1956 - KenyaKiambu, 1922 Naivasha, 1925 Box 606, Nairobi, 1930 Naivasha, Hut - 1912 KiambuView more details
NIGHTINGALE, Hugh Will 'Bill'1926 Nairobi1984 Harare, ZimbabweS. KinangopView more details
NIGHTINGALE, Humphrey Marcus James1948 - NairobiS. Kinangop, NjoroView more details
NIGHTINGALE, Ivo William1942 - NairobiS. KinangopView more details
NIGHTINGALE, James Douglas9.9.1923 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NIGHTINGALE, James Maxwell 'Jim'1910 - Rondesch, Cape Province26 Feb 1983 NairobiS. Kinangop, 1968 Bees Sasamua Est. NjoroView more details
NIGHTINGALE, R.Mombasa, 1930 Box 388, NairobiView more details
NIGHTINGALE, Raymond Clephen Werner OBE (Col.)2 Mar 1921 - Livingstone, N. Rhodesia2000 - Christchurch, DorsetMombasaView more details
NIGHTINGALE, William DouglasNairobi, 1930 Box 697, NairobiView more details
NIGHTINGALE, William Maxwell 'Max' (Senior) MBE1882 - Cape Colony10 May 1962 - KenyaNaivasha. Hut - 1906 Sasamua, S. Kinangop, 1914 EldoretView more details
NIGHTINGALL, E. H. CMG1878View more details
NIGHTINGALL, W., MissMombasaView more details
NIHILL, John Harry Barclay KBE, MC, Sir27 July 1892 - Hastings, Sussex18 Nov 1975 - WestminsterNairobiView more details
NILSON, Augusta, Miss17.2.1894 - Lamu - malariaKulesa, LamuView more details
NILSON, J. S.NairobiView more details
NILSSON, Eric (Dr.)ElmenteitaView more details
NIMMO, Chas, Miss19167.10.1931 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NIMMO, J. A.Hurlingham Rd, NairobiView more details
NIMMO, J. Robert MC1913Isiolo, Box 38 Nairobi, 1930 Box 108, NairobiView more details
NIMMO, J. S.1930 NgobitView more details
NIMMO, John Duncan1861 - Abercorn, Scotland6.4.1925 - Passing through NairobiNairobiView more details
NIMMO, Johnston Robertson 'Johnny'1871 - Glasgow22.5.1946 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NIMMO, N.Hardinge St., NairobiView more details
NIMMO, Rachel Fisher, MissKisumuView more details
NIMMO, Robert John1877 - Glasgow29.7.1945, but see belowKinangop, NaivashaView more details
NIMMO, Stewart Erskine188413.11.1919 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NISBET, A. GrayNakuruView more details
NISBET, Henry Alexander MC1895NakuruView more details
NISBET, J.NjoroView more details
NISBET, J. M.LimuruView more details
NISBET, John Gray (Capt.)1895Mombasa, 1925 Taveta, via Voi, EldoretView more details
NISBET, William2 Dec 1901 - MuhoroniView more details
NIVEN, AlexanderNairobiView more details
NIVISON, Laura Eliza20 June 1919Nairobi, KiambuView more details
NIVISON, Richard23 Nov 184715 Aug 1917 - NairobiKiambuView more details
NIVISON, Richard Gordon Douglas (Capt.)28.11.1874 Christchurch, Hampshire3.9.1908 - Samburo, blackwater feverKiambuView more details
NIXON, Guy Campbell12.10.1911 Salisbury, S. RhodesiaNairobi, EntebbeView more details
NIXON, M. E., Mrs?23 Aug 1961Lived in Nairobi for many yearsView more details
NIXON, R. L.Forest Farm, NyeriView more details
NIXON, Robert187331.10.1920 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NIXON, Thomas GordonLimuru, 1930 Naivasha, ThikaView more details
NOAD, George Edward19029 Mar 1956Mbagathi Ridge, KarenView more details
NOAD, John Elliott Moncrieff OBE, AMICE, RNVR (Commander)4 Feb 189318 Apr 1953 - MombasaKisumu, 1922 - Nyeri, 1930 c/o PWD, Eldoret, Mbagathi Ridge Nairobi, 1919 Mombasa RoadView more details
NOAKES, T. D.1920View more details
NOAKS, Stuart Henry5 May 1929 South Africa on leaveNairobiView more details
NOBLE, Annie Mary187924.1.1935 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NOBLE, Bertram 'Bertie' (Senior)1876 - Wilts23 June 1960 - Nairobi1930 Spring Valley, NairobiView more details
NOBLE, Bertram George (Junior)Spring Valley, NairobiView more details
NOBLE, C.NairobiView more details
NOBLE, Daniel Kenneth4.4.1908 NairobiNairobiView more details
NOBLE, Daniel William 'Dan'1880 Peterborough1944 - Kisumu - blackwater feverNairobi, Kakamega, HBEA 1912 - Limoru, 1925 Nairobi, 1930 Kitale, 1908 Fort HallView more details
NOBLE, Dorothy, MissSpring Valley, NairobiView more details
NOBLE, E.Chania BridgeView more details
NOBLE, Ellen Mary10.7.1941NairobiView more details
NOBLE, Frederick Stanley1913Voi, KituiView more details
NOBLE, G.NairobiView more details
NOBLE, G. G.NairobiView more details
NOBLE, George ViscountMombasa, EldoretView more details
NOBLE, Herbert Arthur Edward (Dr.)1867 Co. Durham1924 Prescot, Lancs.Jinja, UgandaView more details
NOBLE, J.KisumuView more details
NOBLE, Mary Orissa28 Feb 1951 NatalSpring Valley, NairobiView more details
NOBLE, Norman Edgar28.12.1909 Limuru1917NairobiView more details
NOBLE, Robert Emilius1867 Melton Mowbray11.4.1936 LondonKisumuView more details
NOBLE, Royce Neale11.11.1906 Nairobi27 July 1971 NairobiNjoroView more details
NODEN, G.NairobiView more details
NODEN, R. F.NairobiView more details
NODEN, Tom JonesNjoroView more details
NOELLING (Frau)View more details
NOLAN, Michael E.187523.8.1919 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NOON, Alexander Mortimer Thomas Begbie DFC, AFC14 Aug 1910 - New Malden, Surrey9 June 1982 NairobiNairobiView more details
NOON, Eva Maud, Mrs1881 or 1883 Newport, Wales24 Oct 1959 NairobiView more details
NOON, John Henry Smalley 'Harry'1882 Eastwood, Notts.7.8.1946 MombasaNairobi, Red 25 - PWD, Nairobi, 1930 Box 509, Nbi.View more details
NOON, Mollie Burnside Begbie, Miss15 Sep 1907 New Malden7 June 1984 NanyukiView more details
NORBURG, William R.19221998 - Somerset West, S. AfricaView more details
NORBURN, George Bertram Edward1895 - Valetta, Malta20 Jan 1980 NairobiView more details
NORBURY, Roscoe1.4.18856.12.1964Mombasa, 1930 Box 277, NairobiView more details
NORDLINGER, John Edward1883buried 24 Jan 1939Kiambu, 1930 Kimunyu, RuiruView more details
NORIE, A.NairobiView more details
NORIE, A. L.EndebessView more details
NORIE, D. J. R.Kaption Estate, Cherangani, Hoey's BridgeView more details
NORIE, Harold James6 Apr 1961 EdinburghBox 236, Nairobi, 1922 Nakuru, 1920 NjoroView more details
NORMAN, Brian RonaldView more details
NORMAN, C. P. B.View more details
NORMAN, Charles Bathurst1904Hut - murdered [CN - but is he confusing him with Cyril?]'Forest Farm', Nanyuki, 1930 Kitui, Naro MoruView more details
NORMAN, Christopher L.1929'Dunmillin' Farm, EndebessView more details
NORMAN, Compton Cardew CMG, CBE, DSO (Brigadier)187715 Feb 1955View more details
NORMAN, Cyril George189125 Dec 1957 - Rumuruti - murderedThomson's FallsView more details
NORMAN, D. H.NairobiView more details
NORMAN, Emma Violet, Mrs1900A resident of Nairobi for more than 50 yearsView more details
NORMAN, Frederick187930.1.1920 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NORMAN, Gerald Wake (Lieut.-Comm.)18981965? (1960)Maramura Estate, Itare Kaptien KerichoView more details
NORMAN, Grattan Biddulph5 Mar 1969 PietermaritzburgNairobi, Red 31 has G.B. Norman, KUR, Nbi.View more details
NORMAN, Jack1902Box 121, NairobiView more details
NORMAN, Leigh K. 'Dunmillin' farm, Endebess, KitaleView more details
NORMAN, Ruth Olive, Mrs1925 - NairobiGranville Estate, Thika and Ngong Rd., NairobiView more details
NORMAND, John Murray1918View more details
NORRIE, George Edward Moke (Major)1 Mar 1858 New York11 Mar 1920EntebbeView more details
NORRIS, C.KikuyuView more details
NORRIS, W. H.NairobiView more details
NORTH LEWIS, Derrick MBE24 Feb 1914 East London, S. Africa27 Feb 2010 KenyaNFD, Kabete, Eldoret, Kaptagat, MasenoView more details
NORTH LEWIS, Ivor30 Sep 1872 Roath, Glamorgan24 Feb 1952 KitaleRumuruti, 'Twizzletwigg' Gilgil, Njoro, 1949 KitaleView more details
NORTH, Allan Piers19131998 - UKThurland Farm, Eldama RavineView more details
NORTH, Doreen Patterson, Mrs1920 - SunderlandMombasaView more details
NORTH, E.?1964Box 320, NairobiView more details
NORTH, James B.KijabeView more details
NORTH, Myles Edward Wentworth190825 Nov 1967 NairobiWajir, Fort HallView more details
NORTH, Stanley Bantock3 Dec 1889 Stoke Newington26 Aug 1934Njoro, LaikipiaView more details
NORTH, William ArnoldThomson's FallsView more details
NORTHCOTE, Geoffrey Alexander Stafford KCMG, Sir9 Feb 1881 - London10 July 1948 - Sanderstead, Surrey while on holidayHBEA 1912 DC Fort Hall, Cuckoo - 1908 - DC at new boma in Kisii, Nairobi. KisumuView more details
NORTHCOTE, Ronald Cecil OBE, MMTanganyikaView more details
NORTHERN, Albert William Brevesc.1886View more details
NORTHEY, Edward GCMG, CB (Major-General), Sir28 May 1868 - Cockerham, Lancashire25 Dec 1953View more details
NORTHEY, Florence Evangeline Cloete, MissMarch 189815 June 1942NairobiView more details
NORTHROP, Albert William189016 June 1950 - Asmara, EritreaMombasaView more details
NORTJE, J.NairobiView more details
NORTJE, William Francis23.1.1882, Willowmore, Eastern Cape, SAKenons Va; Escarpment, Nortbrand Farm, Kedong 1908, in partnership with C.E. BrandonlView more details
NORTON, E.NairobiView more details
NORTON, E. J.EldoretView more details
NORTON, E. P.9 Feb 1918View more details
NORTON, Edith N., Missc.1870KijabeView more details
NORTON, Edward George190522.6.1937 - NairobiEldoret, 1925 Nairobi, 1930 Box 200, NairobiView more details
NORTON, Frances Ruth Helene191114 Mar 1981 NairobiNairobiView more details
NORTON, Helena May, MissNairobiView more details
NORTON, Maurice John 'Mickey'18731946 (Chandler 1949)View more details
NORTON, N. W.MombasaView more details
NORTON, R. T. F.NairobiView more details
NORTON, Roger Edward CMG, OBE1897Kacharoba Est., KiambuView more details
NORTON, W. A. E.GilgilView more details
NOTLEY, A. M. E., MissNairobiView more details
NOTLEY, D.Box 80, EldoretView more details
NOTLEY, Frank Brian1905 - Birmingham1968 - Hove, E. SussexKabete, Moshi, OldeaniView more details
NOTLEY, Noel13 Nov 187820 Feb 1941 - NairobiEldoretView more details
NOTLEY, Stella Winifred MBE, MissNairobiView more details
NOTLEY, William Kilmister DSO (Col.)1880 - Wiltshire, England12 May 1950 - South of FranceUganda, Nairobi, MombasaView more details
NOTMAN, JamesKisumuView more details
NOTTAGE, P. N.P.O. KitaleView more details
NOTTBOHM, H.MombasaView more details
NOTTEY, N.Timboroa, Eldama RavineView more details
NOTTIDGE, Charles Peter Ripley12 Nov 1926 - NakuruLumbwa, Muhoroni, Koru, Nakuru, Eldoret, NairobiView more details
NOTTIDGE, Guy Thomas Ripley1897 - Shropham, Norfolk1989 - Barnham Broom, NorfolkLumbwa, Muhoroni, Koru, Naivasha, 1930 Kumasia, Lumbwa, 1926 Khitari Koru - sold to Coffee Research FoundationView more details
NOTTIDGE, John Thomas Ripley1870 - Suffolk24 Nov 1957 NakuruMuhuroni, Kamasia, Farm 1442/2, Lumbwa, 1930 Lumbwa, 1919 Kumasia Lelu partner with AllenView more details
NOTTIDGE, Margaret Maud, Mrs1896 - Norfolk1976 - Ballymoney, Wexford, EireLumbwa, Koru, Muhoroni, NaivashaView more details
NOTTIDGE, Peter R.Kumasia, LumbwaView more details
NOURSE, Alan Gordon187424 Jan 1954 - Mombasa - After more than 50 years in KenyaRed 25 has A.G. Nourse, c/o Milligan & Co., Nairobi, Red 31 - A.G. NourseView more details
NOURSE, C. H.Uasin GishuView more details
NOURSE, E. J., MissNairobiView more details
NOURSE, H. M.Uasin GishuView more details
NOURSE, J. B.EldoretView more details
NOVITSKI, Stanislaus (Brother)28.10.1880 - Orkowo, West Prussia25.1.1963 - NairobiNairobi, KikuyuView more details
NOWELL, J. R.Crawford Rd., NairobiView more details
NUGENT, Gilbert Richard de la Poer3 March 18847 May 1927 Beckenham, KentKiambuView more details
NUNAN, Isobel Margaret, Mrs1890 - Hampstead3 Nov 1940 - Cork county, IrelandNairobi, KisumuView more details
NUNAN, Patrick Francis BA, MB, BCh, BAO (Dr.)1887 - Limerick, IrelandNFD, Limuru, Kisumu, 1922 Kakamega, 1930 KisumuView more details
NUNES, Alleluia18881957 - NairobiNairobiView more details
NUNES, D.NairobiView more details
NUNES, Miguel AntonioNairobiView more details
NUNN, E. D. 'Ted'CheranganiView more details
NURSONKiambuView more details
NUTI, G.MombasaView more details
NUTMAN, W.Waa, Digo DistrictView more details
NUTTAL, R. H.LondianiView more details
NUTTI, Luigi L.Sept 1961 - KampalaView more details
NYBERG, A.LumbwaView more details
NYBERG, GabrielLumbwaView more details
NYE CHART, Ernest Frederick William17.5.1922, MombasaNairobi, KAD 1922 - Mombasa, GilgilView more details
NYE CHART, Frederick15.10.1902 - E. London, S. Africa19.11.1978 - DurbanSatima Farm, Gilgil Mgr. BuxtonView more details
NYE CHART, Geoffrey Rentle12.04.1938 - Satimma Farm, Ol KalouElmenteitaView more details
NYE CHART, Harry Rentle 'Harry'11.12.1904 E. London, S. Africa27 Nov 1972 – MombasaGilgilView more details
NYE CHART, John Ernest15.06.1932 - Satimma Farm, Ol Kalou29.10.1972 - Kenya, cancerElmenteitaView more details
NYE CHART, Margaret Ellen, Mrs18 June 1881 - Eastern Cape6 Oct 1968 - NakuruGilgilView more details
NYE CHART, Marjorie Aggett, Mrs25 Sep 1915 Nairobi21 Aug 2013 Howick, S. AfricaView more details
NYE, W.MiwaniView more details
NYLAND, F.MombasaView more details
NYSS, Aloysius Neville D. (Dr.)Nairobi, 1930 Mombasa, KisumuView more details
NYSSEN, Michael Peter (Father)13.1.1877 - Stiffard, HollandNamilyangoView more details